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Mobile Banking Should be More than an App

“With the touch of a button, HALLCO members who download our app can now turn access to their debit card or credit card on and off. This gives them much needed peace of mind, as well as the ability to protect themselves from fraud.”

– Joe Foster, CEO, Hallco Community CU

  • Remote Deposit Capture

FLEX provides members a way to quickly and easily deposit a check from their mobile device. Using advanced image detection technology, it even cross-checks against other deposited items to ensure you’re not accepting the same check twice.

  • Bill Pay

With integration to every major bill pay provider, FLEX can present bill pay within a single mobile app; no need for additional downloads. Your members have access to all account features using a single mobile app.

  • Complete Core Integration

Remote deposits, mobile lending, remote controls for cards and management of eStatements are all available using the FLEX mobile apps. Submitted information talks directly to the core.

  • Remote Controls for Cards

Allow members to control the status of their debit and/or credit card through the credit union’s mobile app. Eliminate fraud by putting your members in control.

  • Native Apps

FLEX mobile apps are native to their Apple and Android device counterparts. Unique apps for smartphones and tablets are utilized. There are no web ‘wrappers’ employed. Additionally, native features of each device are supported (counters, pickers, scrollers,etc.).

  • HTML & JavaScript APIs

Are you interested in building your own screen designs and app flows? Then FLEX is your vehicle of choice. HTML & JavaScript APIs allow for complete customization of mobile apps and Internet banking.

credit union mobile banking


The mobile cyber world can be an intimidating realm to venture into. FLEX users have peace of mind knowing that potential security flaws such as non-SSL [insecure] links, JavaScript injection vulnerabilities, and build & configuration setting weaknesses are all addressed within FLEX mobile apps. Additionally, FLEX validates the authenticity of all SSL certificates that are presented to your members. Quick access to account information is your member’s objective, security should be yours.

FLEX will make your members more productive. LEARN HOW