Credit Union Member Services


Providing efficient and timely member services is directly tied to your core system. The more systems required to run a member services platform, the more steps and time it takes to answer even simple questions.

Member services today are about putting your members in control. From mobile banking apps to opening accounts online, your core should provide a self-service portal that is an extension of your credit union lobby.

A core system’s strength should be defined by its ability to provide information quickly and seamlessly to multiple channels. How can you expect your members to be patient, when you have trouble doing so yourself?

A Member Services Platform with a 360° View

“Other core systems offer you piecemeal third party products and try to make them work within their systems. It’s much more advantageous if the features are developed from the inside out. The system operates better and allows our staff to provide the fast and efficient service our members expect.”

– Rick Haas, CEO, Promedica FCU

  • Open Accounts Efficiently

FLEX provides a work-flow driven new accounts platform that allows you to integrate credit bureau, ID check, QualiFile®, red flag and other options without requiring separate systems or duplicate entry. Save work to be completed at a later time or allow members to open accounts online.

  • 360° Member View

FLEX delivers all member relationships from a single screen. No need to drill down or layer windows. All services including shares, loans, certificates, IRAs, and HSAs along with maintenance for each are in a single location.

  • Sales Management

FLEX offers built-in sales management that allows critical information to be delivered to front-line staff. From credit report integration to credit union products you can track member behavior and staff involvement.

  • Manage All Channels

From ACH distributions to loan applications, the FLEX member services platform connects staff to your member’s most critical questions. Even if your credit cards are not hosted on the core system, FLEX provides instant access card information without requiring a separate connection.

  • Shared Branching

Both Issuing and Acquiring are part of the FLEX core. No need for third-party shared branching software. FLEX has a built-in platform which connects directly to the shared branching service centers.

  • Real-Time Card Information

Your members expect you to have answers to their questions about card transactions and payments. They don’t want to login to a separate system or call a number that doesn’t belong to the credit union. Give them access to what they want through FLEX.

Credit Union Member Services

The Power of Self Service

Your members want access to real-time account and card information. With FLEX, there is an app for that! Built-in account and card management on the core provides the advantage of pushing it to the member. Providing seamless technology to your staff should extend to each of the member channels.

FLEX will bring your member relations into focus. LEARN HOW