Credit union lending

360° Lending

Lending is the lifeblood of your credit union. It should be seamless and efficient from application to disbursement all the way through loan modification and payoff.

Whether your member is across the desk or across the country, the technology you use should make it easy to lend a hand.

Simplicity in design while retaining a full functioning platform should be key to a core’s lending solution.

Lending Features That Meet the Needs of Modern Credit Unions

“Our mobile lending option has been designed in response to the overwhelming need for members to secure loan funding quickly and securely. After completing a quick application, the member will submit the loan request and is notified upon approval. No more paper applications!”

– Doug Wadsworth, CEO, Tri-Cities Community FCU


Be everything for your member without being everywhere with the FLEX mobile app that includes lending at the tap of a finger.


Technology should support you and your loan products. Teaser rates, skip-a-pays, and variable rates and terms are just some of the ways FLEX can make your loans stand out.


Everything you need to service your member’s home loan should be under one roof. With FLEX, variable rates, 360-day amortization, and a full escrow suite make it possible.


Providing an instant decision 24 hours a day means you can be there every time your member needs you.


From the application to the closing forms, documents are crucial to your process and FLEX makes it easy and efficient. Including e-signatures takes it one step further for a truly paperless solution.


Have a loan officer at every dealership in town with a full indirect lending solution. FLEX provides real-time approvals and automated funding to help you get your member behind the wheel.

mobile lending


The world is changing every day, and your core solution should always have your best interests in mind when it comes to compliance. FLEX provides software updates to help you maintain regulatory compliance at no additional cost.

FLEX will increase your loan efficiency. LEARN HOW