Company Information: Background

Computer Marketing Corporation (CMC) was organized as a privately held corporation in February of 1978, when it began work on an in-house data processing solution for credit unions. Originally designed around the IBM System 3X mainframe architecture, FLEX gained an early reputation for stability and ease of use.

Since that time, FLEX has evolved across four successive platforms and through several major revisions -- each iteration retaining the wealth of credit union insight and product maturity of its predecessor. Today, FLEX is widely regarded as one of the most advanced solutions in the credit union industry. FLEX features cover the entire range, from real-time internet banking to online credit card processing.

CMC credits much of its success with FLEX to two factors: The stability and manageability of the IBM iSeries server and an unrelenting commitment to excellent customer support. In recent years, credit union industry personnel ranked CMC first among competing vendors for customer satisfaction. It is a tribute which reflects not only the appreciation of our customers but also our expanding presence in the credit union industry.

CMC now serves over 275 credit unions in locations across the country, including Alaska, Hawaii, and the Eastern Caribbean. We enjoy an established relationship with all regulatory agencies, corporate credit unions and major industry partners.


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